Come as you are

Your transformation journey in Jesus doesn’t start with perfection. It starts with freedom! Join our community of believers that want to accept you for who you are right now.

This is
how we
build our


  • WE Gather:

    The need for a caring community is one of the major reasons for the church’s existence. Our large and our small group gatherings are designed to build authentic relationship with God and one another and encourage our potential to effect positive change in our broader communities.

  • WE Serve:

    One of the most meaningful ways we can effect change is to contribute our time and talents to the work being done inside and outside the church. We encourage everyone to explore ways to serve that meet a legitimate need and bring personal fulfillment.

  • WE Train:

    We are people on mission. To accomplish our work with excellence in attitude and action, we provide training, in relationally rich environments, for volunteers and leaders to fulfill their roles in a way that furthers our common goals.


  • WE Equip:

    At the beginning of each year we are wired to make a fresh start, seek to improve and reach our goals. We set aside the first part of each year to focus on acquiring the skills and training needed to better understand our new identity in Jesus and pursue our common mission.

  • WE Send:

    We use the seasonal changes and outward focus of Summer as a springboard to love and serve our neighbors. As new relationships are formed, we encourage those who are seeking to learn more about knowing God to continue their journey in one of small group gatherings.

  • WE Celebrate:

    With the year drawing to a close we set aside the months of November and December to focus on being thankful and giving God praise and worship for the sacrifice He made to bring us the joy of that first Christmas.

What You
Can Expect
From Our


  • WE Honor – Unconditional Dignity

    Each person, no matter what their status in life, is endowed with the image of God. It is this image that identifies us as being created for intimate relationship with our creator. The value God places on each person inspires us to honor one another by offering unconditional dignity.

  • WE HAVE Courage – Winner mindset

    In Christ we have been given His courage to rise above our circumstances and to live in a manner different from the rest of the world. This strength is for the betterment of all humanity and is the source of our confidence that we can and will succeed in our mission.

  • WE Commit – Never give-up

    There is much opposition to our personal growth in Christ and our ability to accomplish our mission. Jesus’s sacrifice inspires and empowers us to never give up believing in and living out our mission to build extraordinary communities.


  • WE DEFINE Real Freedom:

    Freedom is the alignment of our thoughts and actions with our unique design and purpose – the power to live and act as the person we were created to be. Each of us must define and refine this daily with the help of the Holy Spirit and our church community.

  • WE ENCOUNTER God Daily:

    God is the source of all life and He gives meaning to all things. It is through knowing Him that we find real freedom. We must make it a priority to meet with Him in the quiet moments of each day as we invite Him to lead us in the challenges and adventures of life.

  • WE INVEST In Others:

    The great tyranny and thief of our quality of life is our selfishness. God invites us into a lifestyle of choosing the wellbeing of others above our own. Ironically, it is in this posture of serving that we find authentic community and the very satisfaction we desire.


Growing up in an economically challenged Ireland, life demanded more attention to surviving than thriving. At the age of 17, I found real meaning in becoming a committed follower of Jesus. Since then I have become convinced that Jesus offers the only true hope for mankind. That He has empowered all of us to make a lasting difference in our generation. Therefore, I have made it my mission to inform others that God is so committed to us that He sent His son Jesus to die for us, so that He could be reconciled to us in relationship and purpose. He has great things planned for every man, woman and child to make a positive impact in our world! Transformation Church is committed to helping you find and fulfill your unique mission, to see you reach your potential and for God to be honored throughout the process.

The Team

Worship Pastor

Joanna Fuller

Youth Pastor

Chad Fuller

Kids Ministry Pastor

Juli Voncannon

Director of Operations

Michael Nicoletti